The 9-5 Office Specialist

A Little About Us

Our general office cleaning program consists of a comprehensive list of janitorial duties to be performed each visit by our cleaning crew. This list typifies the industry standards and is further refined to the specific requirements of individual clients.

A customized cleaning program can then be designed by coupling this general office cleaning program with one or more of the services listed below:

  • Type of Service We Provide:

  • ·         Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them.
  • ·         Gather and empty trash.
  • ·         Service, clean, and supply restrooms.
  • ·         Clean and polish furniture and fixtures.
  • ·         Clean windows inside and outside, glass partitions, and mirrors, lights inside and outside
  • ·         Dust furniture, walls, machines, and equipment., blinds
  • ·         Make adjustments and minor repairs to heating, cooling, ventilating, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • ·         Steam-clean or shampoo carpets.
  • ·         Strip, wax, seal, finish, and polish floors.
  • ·         Clean and restore building interiors damaged by fire, smoke, or water, using commercial cleaning equipment.
  • ·         Clean chimneys, flues, and connecting pipes, using power and hand tools.
  • ·         Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment, in order to prevent damage to floors and fixtures.
  • ·         Pressure/Power  washing (Pressure wash exterior breezeway, concrete entries and stairs)
  • ·         Move heavy furniture, equipment, and supplies, either manually or by using hand trucks.
  • ·         Mow and trim lawns and shrubbery, using mowers and hand and power trimmers, and clear debris from grounds.
  • ·         Notify managers concerning the need for major repairs or additions to building operating systems.
  • ·         Remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas, using snowplows, snow blowers, and snow shovels, and spread snow melting chemicals.
  • ·         Requisition supplies and equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties.
  • ·         Set up, arrange, and remove decorations, tables, chairs, ladders, and scaffolding to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and meetings.
  • ·         Spray insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent infestation.

  • We know the fundamentals, any size. it needs to be a  CLEAN, EFFICIENT and SAFE work environment for everyone.
  • Before, during and after work hours, BMC is the trusted company for your office/facility.  We are trusted because we are dedicated, honest, reliable and most of all family.
  • Monthly floor treatments for all types of floors are available; contact us.
  • Contact our office today for a free onsite consultation for your office/facility.  Tell us your needs and will provide a customized cleaning plan for you